Brief Cognitive Behavioral Therapy to Enhance Benzodiazepine Deprescribing

The goal of this clinical trial is to conduct a single-arm pilot trial of a brief cognitive-behavioral therapy-enhanced benzodiazepine deprescribing intervention in 20 older adults (aged ?65 years) pr ...

Condition: Benzodiazepine Use

A Study of a Novel Scheimpflug Device in Diagnosing Keratoconus

Comparison of the screening and diagnosis ability of the novel Scheimpflug-based tomography device (Scansys) with Pentacam and the Scheimpflug-based biomechanics device (Corvis ST) for keratoconus. ...

Condition: Scansys, Pentacam, Corvis ST, Keratoconus, Subclinical Keratoconus

Promoting Healthy Exercise to Conscientious Christians

Given the importance of reducing mortality-morbidity, more effective Physical Activity (PA) interventions are important, and the recently observed stabilizations of PI levels suggest that novel met ...

Condition: Sedentary Behavior

Are There Limits in Explainability of Prognostic Biomarkers? Scrutinizing Biological Utility of Established Signatures

Prognostic biomarkers can have an important role in the clinical practice because they allow stratification of patients in terms of predicting the outcome of a disorder. Obstacles for developing such

Therapeutic ROS and Immunity in Cancer—The TRIC-21 Meeting

The first Therapeutic ROS and Immunity in Cancer (TRIC) meeting was organized by the excellence research center ZIK plasmatis (with its previous Frontiers in Redox Biochemistry and Medicine (FiRBaM) a

Bridging the Gaps between Circulating Tumor Cells and DNA Methylation in Prostate Cancer

Prostate cancer is the second most common male malignancy, with a highly variable clinical presentation and outcome. Therefore, diagnosis, prognostication, and management remain a challenge, as availa

Dr. Sara May, Allergy and Immunology

Meet Urologist Jason Lee, MD

For more information on Dr. Lee or #YaleMedicine, visit: Jason Lee ...

Dr. Sara May, Allergy and Immunology

Upstate Urology "Stay in The Game"

Syracuse basketball coach Jim Boeheim and Upstate Medical University's Dr. Gennady Bratslavsky discuss the importance of ...

Dr. Sara May, Allergy and Immunology

Meet Urologic Surgeon Joshua Sterling, MD

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