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  • Dyschromatosis universalis hereditaria

    Dyskeratosis congenita is a rare genetic form of bone marrow failure, the inability of the marrow to produce sufficient blood cells. Dyskeratosis is Latin and means the irreversible degeneration of skin tissue, and congenita means inborn. First described in the medical literature in 1906, dyskeratosis congenita was originally thought to be a skin disease that also affects the nails and the mouth. Only later in the sixties was it realized that  Read More

  • Systemic elastorrhexis (obsolete)

    PXE results in a variety of signs and symptoms that vary in their number, type, and severity from person to person. Certain effects of PXE can cause serious medical problems, while others have less impact. Effects may include: skin changes, changes in the retina of the eye that may result in significant loss of central vision, changes in the cardiovascular system that may involve calcification of arteries and decreased blood flow in the arms a  Read More