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The following Conditions are related to Abnormal thickening of the skin

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  • Acanthotic nevus

    Acanthosis nevus syndrome is much more severe than the acanthosis nigricansTreatment course-The treatment of this condition is a combination of cosmetic therapy and surgeries accompanied by the treatment for the underlying cause of the disease. This improves both the appearance and theThe standard therapy for epidermal nevi is surgery or ablative CO2 laser treatment.Topical tretinoin c  Read More

  • Keratosis follicularis

    Keratosis follicularis is a genetic condition that emerges at random as a consequence of a sudden genetic alteration or as an autosomal dominant feature.Genetic disorders are caused by the combination of genes for a specific trait on the chromosomes inherited from both parents.Dominant genetic illnesses develop when only one copy of a defective gene is required for the disease to manifest.The faul  Read More