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  • Recessive x-linked ichthyosis

    Recessive x-linked ichthyosis is a genetic skin disorder that results in extremely dry skin. Since it is a genetic disorder it is not curable, but the sign and symptoms can be controlled by the following methods.Skin softening cream and location: This disease is accompanied by fine or rhombus adherents' light gray or dark brown scaling on the skin. It can be treated with softening cream. These creams moisturize  Read More

  • Vulgaris type ichthyosis

    Vulgaris type Ichthyosis is an inherited skin condition where the surface of your skin develops thick, dry scales from the accumulation of dead skin cells.Vulgaris type Ichthyosis, also known as fish scale disease or fish skin disease, can cause scales to develop from birth, but this is typically when they first do.Since they are easily mistaken for cases of severely dry skin, modest occurrences of Vulgari  Read More