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  • Ichthyosis netherton syndrome

    Newborns with Netherton syndrome have reddened skin (erythroderma) and sometimes a thick parchment-like covering of skin (collodion membrane). The skin is red and scaly all over. Hair shafts are fragile and break easily due to trichorrhexis or “bamboo hair”, resulting in short sparse hair. In older children and adults the scaling may have a distinctive circular pattern (ichthyosis linearis circumflexa). Another characteristic of Ne  Read More

  • Urticaria, physical

    Physical urticaria is a subtype of urticaria that is caused by an extrinsic physical stimulus rather than occurring naturally. There are 7 subcategories of diseases that are classified as distinct diseases. Physical urticaria is considered to be unpleasant, itchy, and physically repulsive; it can last for months or years.Physical urticaria has no established aetiology, but it has been proposed that it is an autoimm  Read More

  • Wells' syndrome

    Wells' syndrome, also named eosinophilic cellulitis, is a skin disease that is very rare. There occur rashes on the skin that are so painful that the touch may feel burning, raised, red, or swollen on the skin.The person affected by this skin condition may be because of bites from spiders, fleas, bees, mites, or ticks, i.e., arthropods.But the actual and exact cause is not yet known.The sympto  Read More