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The following Conditions are related to Blindness

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  • Epidermal nevus syndrome

    Epidermal nevi or epidermal nevus syndrome are harmless, hamartomatous skin growths that appear at birth or evolve in childhood. They are regarded to be a type of cutaneous mosaicism since they are made up of a variety of epidermal cells and structures, such as keratinocytes, smooth muscle cells, hair follicles, apocrine and eccrine glands, and sebaceous glands.Epidermal nevus syndromes are a set of rare complicate  Read More

  • Fraser syndrome

    The diagnosis of Fraser syndrome is made based on physical examination and medical history.There is currently no cure for Fraser syndrome.Treatment of FS may include surgery to correct the physical deformities.Other treatments are is symptomatic and supportive.A team of specialists must evaluate each patient and determine ways to treat the symptoms.However, it should be noted tha  Read More