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  • Kabuki make-up syndrome

    Kabuki Make-up Syndrome is also known as Niikawa-Kuroki Syndrome or KMS. It is a rare congenital disorder. This affects various parts of the body but mainly the face. It is so rare that one case is reported among 32,000 births.There arise multiple abnormalities, and they can become apparent with the growing age of the child. A child having kabuki makeup syndrome may have the following characteristics-Pa  Read More

  • Rothmund-thomson syndrome

    Rothmund-thomson syndrome affects various parts of the body such as skin, teeth and hair, eyes, and bones.It is a genetic disorder developed by the mutation of the RECQL-4 gene and inherited through the autosomal recessive pattern( the child carries one affected gene from each parent).The infant affected by this syndrome develops a red, blistering rash on the face that may later spread to arms, legs buttoc  Read More

  • Trichorhinophalangeal syndrome type ii

    Trichorhinophalangeal syndrome type ii is also known as Langer-Giedion syndrome. This is a very rare inherited disorder. This disorder affects multisystem parts of the body. It may result in thin hair, dystrophic nails, and small breasts.Some skeletal-related findings are short stature, short feet, radial deviation of the fingers, and marked hip dysplasia.Characterized by multiple osteochondromas and moder  Read More

  • Vitiligo

    Vitiligo has no known cure. The purpose of medical therapy is to achieve a consistent skin tone by restoring colour (repigmentation) or removing the remaining colour (depigmentation).SurgerySkin grafts obtained from the patient: Skin is taken from one portion of the patient and utilised to cover another. Scarring, infection, and inability to repigment are all possible problems. it can also be called mic  Read More

  • Vitiligo capitis

    Vitiligo Capitis is a condition that results in patchy loss of skin pigment. With time, the discoloured spots typically enlarge. Any portion of the body's skin might be impacted by the illness. The tongue and hair can both be impacted by it.Treatment or Cure available for the Vitiligo Capitis conditionThe type of treatment you receive will depend on your age, the location and amount of skin affected  Read More