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  • Keloids

    The following are keloids treatments. One or more ways may be appropriate for your scenario. Keloids can grow back, sometimes larger than before, even after effective flattening or excision. You might also create new ones.Wound healing: Compression dressings composed of elastic cloth or other materials may be used as the first treatment choice for newer keloids. This treatment is frequently used to remove keloids a  Read More

  • Scalp psoriasis (psoriasis of the scalp)

    Scalp psoriasis (psoriasis of the scalp) is a disorder that leads to an itchy, raised, reddish, and scaly scalp. It may be present in the form of small watches or cover the entire forehead. Moreover, scalp psoriasis can spread from the scalp to the forehead or back of the neck. It can also result in hair loss. The doctor states that this condition is connected to the immune system. However, it is curable through solutions, lot  Read More