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  • Erythema nodosum

    The main symptom is red, painful bumps on the lower part of your legs. Sometimes these bumps can also appear on your thighs, arms, torso, and face. The lumps can be one-half inch up to 4 inches. You may have anywhere from two to 50 of them. Erythema nodosum bumps are painful and they may feel hot. They start out red, and then turn purple, looking like bruises as they heal. They also flatten out while healing. The bumps  Read More

  • Infantile sleep apnea

    Medications or treatment for infantile sleep apnea will be decided by the doctor depending on the symptoms and their severity.Infants with sleep apnea can require breathing help from a machine or additional oxygen therapy. They might also require pharmaceutical therapy. These are all typically temporary solutions.Infant sleep apnea typically disappears as the child becomes older and more developed. By 40 w  Read More

  • Johnson-stevens disease

    Johnson –stevens disease is a very rare syndrome with potentially fatal skin reactions in which loss of skin occurs and mucosal membranes accompanied by systemic symptoms is shown in some case. For these conditions, in 80% of cases, the reactions from medications are responsible.This condition requires intensive care or burn care unit in hospitalization,If a person is taking unessential medication  Read More

  • Latex allergy

    Latex allergy is an allergic reaction to specific proteins found in natural rubber latex, which is derived from the rubber tree. When People have a latex allergy, their body misidentifies latex as a potentially hazardous substance.Latex allergy can cause itchy skin, hives, and even anaphylaxis, a potentially fatal illness characterised by throat swelling and significant trouble breathing.The specialist can  Read More