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  • Albinism

    Albinism is a rare genetic condition caused by mutations of certain genes that affect the amount of melanin your body produces. Melanin controls the pigmentation (color) of your skin, eyes, and hair.People with albinism have extremely pale skin, eyes, and hair. They are at an increased risk of vision, skin, and social issues; the patients aren't born with the usual amount of melanin pigment.Melanin is a ch  Read More

  • Ganglioside sialidase deficiency

    Ganglioside sialidase deficiency is also known as Sialoglycosphingolipids/ Mucolipidosis IV.They carry one or more than one sialic residue. This is a very rare metabolic disorder.It may arise due to a deficiency of transport channel receptor protein. If this disease becomes severe, it is called typical mucolipidosis IV; if it is mild and not that severe, it is called atypical mucolipidosis IV.Medication  Read More

  • Ito hypomelanosis

    The most distinctive finding associated with hypomelanosis of Ito is characteristic skin changes. Most affected individuals develop areas that lack skin color (hypopigmentation). Any area of the body may be involved although the scalp, palms and soles are rarely affected. Skin changes may occur as patches, streaks or spiral-shaped (whorled) areas of discoloration and may affect one side of the body (unilateral) or both sides (bilateral). Affec  Read More