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The following Conditions are related to Epilepsy

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  • Degos syndrome

    Blockage of blood vessels/arteries restricts the flow to the blood vessels of the skin & other organs, which is Degos Syndrome. It defects the small intestine and other abdominal organs lesions (damage to skin and lining of organs) due to undetected causes.Diagnosis:Tests in the case of this syndrome present nothing but everything normal. It is necessary to have a skin biopsy if a doubt arises.Symptoms reveal a  Read More

  • Epidermal nevus syndrome

    Epidermal nevi or epidermal nevus syndrome are harmless, hamartomatous skin growths that appear at birth or evolve in childhood. They are regarded to be a type of cutaneous mosaicism since they are made up of a variety of epidermal cells and structures, such as keratinocytes, smooth muscle cells, hair follicles, apocrine and eccrine glands, and sebaceous glands.Epidermal nevus syndromes are a set of rare complicate  Read More