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  • Cutis laxa

    Cutis laxa encompasses a group of rare disorders that occur in several inherited congenital forms or are acquired at some point during life -acquired cutis laxa. Cutis laxa involves a wide spectrum of symptoms that result from defects in connective tissue found throughout the body - in muscles, joints, skin and other organs.The treatment of Cutis laxa focuses on managing the symptoms and treating other conditions.  Read More

  • Doc 16 (unilateral hemidysplasia type)

    Unilateral hemidysplasia or the CHILD syndrome as the name suggests, affects one side of the body. Predominantly, it affects the right side as twice as it affects the left side.Risk factorsThis condition has an X-linked dominant pattern of inheritance.CHILD syndrome follows an X-linked mode of inheritance. Hence, males are at a higher risk of inheritance than females. Because males receive one  Read More

  • Lipoma

    Lipoma is usually painless and harmful, but if it is bothering you, or growing further, then it needs to be removed.Lipoma treatments include:Surgical removal: Lipomas are mostly removed through surgery by cutting them out. However, there are chances that they may occur again. Since the surgery may leave a scar or get the area bruised, minimal excision extraction may be performed so that it results in l  Read More