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  • Grover's disease

    Grover’s disease can usually be treated using topical medications, but sometimes requires oral medication, injections, or light therapy to treat it.Cortisone cream: Your dermatologist will prescribe you a cortisone cream if you have a small blister or outbreak that doesn’t itch.Tetracycline: If you have larger outbreaks that itch and cover the entire trunk, your dermatologist may prescribe the  Read More

  • Infantile myofibromatosis (im)

    Each patient's unique symptoms are targeted in the treatment of Infantile Myofibromatosis (IM).Surgery is the primary treatment for people with infantile myofibromatosis, and it is carried either to lessen the risk of complications or increase prognosis.The coordinated efforts of a group of professionals may be necessary throughout treatment.To arrange a child's treatment, pediatricians, o  Read More

  • Skin cancer, squamous cell type

    A common form of skin cancer on the middle and outer layers of skin is Squamous Cell Type. It is caused due to excessive exposure to Ultraviolet radiation, sunlight, or tanning beds or lamps.Cure/medications for Squamous Cell Type skin cancer:Meet the doctors and specialized dermatologists with the following details and information for the best possible treatment:Medical history of family and the  Read More