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  • Auriculotemporal syndrome

    The symptoms of Frey syndrome typically develop within the first year after surgery in the area near the parotid glands. In some cases, Frey syndrome may not develop until several years after surgery. The characteristic symptom of Frey syndrome is gustatory sweating, which is excessive sweating on the cheek, forehead, and around the ears shortly after eating certain foods, specifically foods that produce a strong salivary response such as sour  Read More

  • Harley syndrome

    Harley syndrome or Harlequin syndrome is a rare dysautonomic syndrome caused by the unilateral blockade of the T2-T3 fibers carrying sudomotor and vasomotor supply to the face.The autonomic nervous system is responsible for regulating the natural processes of the body, including sweating, skin flushing, and the response of the pupils to any stimuli. The exact cause of the condition is not found yet.The sym  Read More

  • Rosacea

    Rosacea is a skin disorder that causes flushing or blushing of blood vessels in the face.Sometimes small bumps filled with pus appear on the skin that causing a burning and stinging sensation on the face.The cause of Rosacea is still unknown, but the doctor states that it may be the result of genes, bacteria, mites bites, or blood vessel trouble.A swollen bulb-shaped nose, large pores, broken bloo  Read More