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  • Agyria

    Argyria is a rare condition that causes the skin to turn blue or grey. This discolouration happens when the body comes into contact with excessive amounts of silver.There is no defined treatment for this disease. It can be treated by the restriction of the underlying cause.This could be the use of colloidal silver therapy, hydroquinone usage for skin conditions, silver dental fillings etc.When the  Read More

  • Auriculotemporal syndrome

    Auriculotemporal syndrome or the Frey syndrome is a postoperative phenomenon following salivary gland surgery and also in neck dissection, facelift procedures, and trauma that is characterized by excessive sweating and flushing.The previous sympathetic responses of sweating and flushing are now controlled by postganglionic parasympathetic fibers.Mastication, which releases acetylcholine from the parasympat  Read More

  • Doc 6 (harlequin type)

    Harlequin syndrome is a rare disorder of the autonomic nervous system. The blockage results in hemifacial discoloration, sharply demarcated at the midline. It is a self resolutive disease.Treatment/ managementThough Harlequin syndrome may not need treatment, in cases where the individual may feel socially embarrassed, contralateral sympathectomy may be considered.In this treatment, the nerve bu  Read More

  • Harley syndrome

    Harley syndrome or Harlequin syndrome is a rare dysautonomic syndrome caused by the unilateral blockade of the T2-T3 fibers carrying sudomotor and vasomotor supply to the face.The autonomic nervous system is responsible for regulating the natural processes of the body, including sweating, skin flushing, and the response of the pupils to any stimuli. The exact cause of the condition is not found yet.The sym  Read More

  • Melasma

    Melasma is common, harmless and usually fades after a few months. It does not always require treatment. Melasma is produced by hormonal fluctuations, like those that happen during pregnancy or when using birth control pills, and it will diminish after delivery or when the drugs are stopped.A dermatologist will most likely recommend a high-SPF sunblock to avoid melasma.If melasma does not dissipate naturall  Read More

  • White-darier disease

    White Darier disease is also named as Keratosis Follicularis.It is a very rare skin disorder and is genetic.It is characterized by lesions on the skin that have thickened, rough bumps i.e., papules that appear greasy, yellow or skin color or brown crust.These lesions may spread and grow over time. This may vary from person to person. This mostly affects scalp, forehead, upper arms, chest, back, kn  Read More