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  • Gangrene

    Damaged tissue from gangrene cannot be saved. However, medication is available to help avoid gangrene from worsening. The sooner you receive therapy, the greater your chances of recovery.Gangrene treatment may comprise one or more of the following: Medication: Antibiotics are administered intravenously or orally to treat bacterial infections. To alleviate discomfort, pain medicines may be admini  Read More

  • Keloids

    The following are keloids treatments. One or more ways may be appropriate for your scenario. Keloids can grow back, sometimes larger than before, even after effective flattening or excision. You might also create new ones.Wound healing: Compression dressings composed of elastic cloth or other materials may be used as the first treatment choice for newer keloids. This treatment is frequently used to remove keloids a  Read More

  • Scalp defect congenital

    Congenital scalp defects include various conditions of the newborn where there is an absence of skin and sometimes underlying structures of the scalp. These areas on the scalp are of varying sizes and are often hairless.These are most known as Aplasia Cutis Congenita (ACC) and previously called Congenital Ulcer or Streeters spots.Line of treatment generally depends upon the size, width, depth, and locat  Read More