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  • Scalp defect congenital

    Congenital scalp defects include various conditions of the newborn where there is an absence of skin and sometimes underlying structures of the scalp. These areas on the scalp are of varying sizes and are often hairless.These are most known as Aplasia Cutis Congenita (ACC) and previously called Congenital Ulcer or Streeters spots.Line of treatment generally depends upon the size, width, depth, and locat  Read More

  • Von zambusch disease

    Von Zumbusch Disease is characterized by cutaneous lesions, inflammation, and tissue damage (necrosis) of blood vessel walls (lumen).Before beginning treatment, it's crucial to ascertain whether there is an underlying condition that contributes to the Von Zumbusch Disease.The term "vasculitides" or "vasculitic syndromes" refers to a larger class of diseases that affect blood vessels  Read More