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  • Hall-pallister syndrome

    Mutation in gene GL13 causes the disorders in the body from infancy collectively called Hall-Pallister Syndrome.It affects people with uneven development of many body parts of the body like extra fingers, toes, or skin between fingers.Diagnosis:The patient with HPS are infants, and the defects in their palms and toes are the prominent signs of diagnosing the disease. But to rule out the confusion  Read More

  • Nail patella syndrome

    Nail-patella syndrome (NPS) is a rare genetic disorder that is usually apparent at birth or during early childhood. Although the symptoms and physical characteristics associated with NPS may vary, characteristic abnormalities tend to include improper development (dysplasia) of the fingernails and toenails; absence (aplasia) and/or underdevelopment (hypoplasia) of the knee caps (patellae); underdevelopment of certain bones and/or webbing of ski  Read More