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  • Ectodermal dysplasia, rapp-hodgkin type

    A family history of the illness is the sole recognized risk factor for ectodermal dysplasia, rapp-hodgkin type (RHS). It is believed that RHS is an autosomal dominant characteristic. There have only been roughly 40 cases documented in academic journals, making it extremely uncommon.The TP73L gene, which generates various forms of the p73-like tumor protein, is thought to be the source of Rapp-Hodgkin syndrome (RHS)  Read More

  • Ectodermal dysplasias

    Ectodermal dysplasias is, regrettably, incurable. Instead, the objective is to effectively control the symptoms so that the person can live a healthy life with a high quality of life.Each person will receive a different treatment regimen because each kind of ectodermal dysplasia has a different set of symptoms. While some people just have minor symptoms that may be treated, others may have serious health problems t  Read More