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  • Doc 16 (unilateral hemidysplasia type)

    Unilateral hemidysplasia or the CHILD syndrome as the name suggests, affects one side of the body. Predominantly, it affects the right side as twice as it affects the left side.Risk factorsThis condition has an X-linked dominant pattern of inheritance.CHILD syndrome follows an X-linked mode of inheritance. Hence, males are at a higher risk of inheritance than females. Because males receive one  Read More

  • Empeines

    The symptoms and progression of pinta may vary among affected individuals. Pinta usually progresses in three separate stages: an early phase with initial lesions; an intermediate phase with widespread (disseminated) lesions; and a late phase. The incubation period may range from seven to 21 days. The skin is the only organ involved in pinta. In most cases, the initial lesions (primary) are small, reddish (erythematous) spots (papules)  Read More

  • Focal dermal dysplasia syndrome

    Focal dermal hypoplasia (FDH), commonly known as Goltz syndrome, primarily affects the development of the skin, hands, feet, and eyes. It is considered one of the Ectodermal dysplasia types, which is a sort of heritable condition that affects how the hair, teeth, nails, and glands develop and work. About 90% of all FDH cases are female, according to statistics.Numerous bone abnormalities, some of which may be prese  Read More

  • Heat rash

    Several over-the-counter or prescription medications are used to treat heat rash also known as prickly heat, sweat rash, or miliaria rubra.Ointments: Ointments like calamine lotions are recommended to treat the symptoms of heat rash, since calamine lotions have a number of benefits for the skin, partly because it contains zinc oxide. It helps treat heat rash by soothing itchiness. Take some calamine lotion in a cot  Read More