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  • Acantholysis bullosa

    Acantholysis bullosa is a genetic disease, which means that it is caused by one or more genes not working correctly.Risk factors-Acantholysis bullosa is a genetic condition that is usually rare. This condition makes skin so weak that it can tear or blister at the slightest touch. Children born with it are often called "Butterfly Children" because their skin is very fragile, just like butterfly wings.  Read More

  • Acanthosis bullosa

    Acanthosis bullosa is a painful condition charecterised by large painful blisters on the skin of f patient. this condition tends to make the skin very weak similar to a butterfly. the patients will have blisters even on simple skin rubbing or other conditions. Even tiny wounds caused by heat, rubbing, scraping, or adhesive tape may result in blisters. Blisters may develop inside the body in extreme circumstances, such as on the stomach or the lin  Read More