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  • Cutis laxa

    Cutis laxa is rarely encountered and may occur in several inherited (congenital) forms or come about in the course of another disorder (acquired). It is a connective tissue disorder characterized by skin that is loose (lax), hanging, wrinkled, and lacking in elasticity (hyperelasticity). The affected areas of skin may be thickened and dark. In addition, the joints are loose (hypermobility) because of lax ligaments and tendons. The disorder inv  Read More

  • Cutis laxa-growth deficiency syndrome

    Symptoms of cutis laxa usually depend upon the exact type of the disorder. The shared symptom is loose, wrinkled skin (elastolysis). Unlike other skin disorders, cutis laxa doesn’t cause easy bruising or scarring. People with cutis laxa also have internal problems, such as abdominal aortic aneurysm. A portion of the aorta enlarges or bulges in people with this condition. Another common symptom is emphysema, in which the lungs don  Read More