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  • Dyschromatosis universalis hereditaria

    Dyskeratosis congenita is a rare genetic form of bone marrow failure, the inability of the marrow to produce sufficient blood cells. Dyskeratosis is Latin and means the irreversible degeneration of skin tissue, and congenita means inborn. First described in the medical literature in 1906, dyskeratosis congenita was originally thought to be a skin disease that also affects the nails and the mouth. Only later in the sixties was it realized that  Read More

  • Nail patella syndrome

    Nail changes are the most constant feature of NPS (98%). In most individuals with NPS, improper development (dysplasia) of the nails is apparent at birth or early infancy. While the thumbnails are almost always affected, the other fingernails may be more mildly affected or not at all. Typically the severity of the nail dysplasia decreases from the thumb toward the 5th digit. The nails may be abnormally small and narrow (i.e., one half to one t  Read More