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  • Blue rubber bleb nevus

    Blue rubber bleb nevus syndrome is also known as Bean syndrome. It is a rare syndrome of venous malformations that arise in the skin and gastrointestinal tract.Risk factors.Since the disease is a genetic disorder, there are no risk factors associated with this disease. However, consanguineous marriage is a leading cause of disease transmission.Some patients may have mutations in genetic levels, which can affect  Read More

  • Cutis laxa-growth deficiency syndrome

    Cutis laxa is an inherited or acquired disorder of the skin, and connective tissue.The inheritance occurs in an autosomal recessive, dominant, or X-linked fashion.The causative mutations are in the genes for the synthesis of elastin and structural proteins of the extracellular matrix.Particularly, cutis laxa growth deficiency syndrome is characterized by growth and developmental delay and skeletal  Read More

  • Dyskeratosis follicularis vegetans

    The treatment of dyskeratosis follicularis vegetans or Darier's disease (DD) is directed toward the specific symptoms that are apparent in each individual. Aside from symptom management and behavioral modifications to avoid triggers, currently, no validated treatments for dyskeratosis follicularis vegetans are available.Symptomatic treatments include:Sunscreen, loose clothing, moisturizing creams and av  Read More

  • Hidrosadenitis suppurativa

    The goal of treatment for Hidrosadenitis suppurativa is to prevent the formation of new lesions and to manage the symptoms of pain and suppuration of current lesions.Treatment is a combination of medications, surgery or both.Combined medical and surgical approaches help manage hidradenitis suppurativa.Surgery is an important part of disease management when a tunnel and abscess are present.  Read More

  • Panniculitis, idiopathic nodular

    Idiopathic nodular panniculitis is a rare spectrum of skin disorders characterized by single or multiple, tender or painful bumps below the surface of the skin subcutaneous nodules) that can be open sores and usually lead to inflammation of the subcutaneous layer of fat (panniculitis).These nodules tend to be 1-2 centimeters in size and most often affect the legs and feet Rare cases involve panniculitis of the brea  Read More

  • Pure cutaneous histiocytosis

    Pure cutaneous histiocytosis is a general name for a group of disorders or "syndromes" that involve an abnormal increase in the number of specialized white blood cells that are called histiocytes.Recently, new knowledge about this family of diseases has led experts to develop a new classification. Five categories have been proposed:L group -- includes Langerhans cell histiocytosis and Erdheim-Cheste  Read More