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  • Morvan disease -- syringomyelia

    Your doctor would probably advise surgery if the symptoms of Morvan disease, syringomyelia are interfering with your life or if they are rapidly getting worse.Surgery aims to relieve the pressure the syrinx puts on your spinal cord and return the cerebrospinal fluid to its regular flow. Your symptoms and nervous system performance may improve as a result of this. The etiology of your syringomyelia will determine th  Read More

  • Sweet syndrome

    An uncommon skin condition, that causes fever and painful rashes due to boosted production of blood cells is known as Sweet Syndrome.It can be caused due to risks during pregnancy, the reaction of some medicines, and other common factors like age, sex, cancer, and health issues.Diagnosis:The Sweet Syndrome detects via two methods:Blood Test: Presence of WBCs and blood disordersSkin  Read More