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The following Conditions are related to Nosebleed

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  • Formaldehyde poisoning

    Irritation felt due to breathing or exposure to a chemical called formaldehyde results in Formaldehyde Poisoning.Burning sensation and redness in the eye, stomach, food pipe, skin, and other body parts are the impacts of Formaldehyde Poisoning.Incidence:It can happen to both genders with no age bar set. Anyone with ample exposure to this chemical can get affected. People working at chemical plants  Read More

  • Short stature and facial telangiectasis

    Telangiectases can be uncomfortable. They are generally not life-threatening, but some people may not like how they look. They develop gradually, but can be worsened by health and beauty products that cause skin irritation, such as abrasive soaps and sponges. Symptoms include: pain (related to pressure on venules) itching threadlike red marks or patterns on the skin The symptoms of HHT  Read More