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  • Erythropoietic protoporphyria

    Erythropoietic protoporphyria (EPP) is a rare inherited metabolic disorder characterized by a deficiency of the enzyme ferrochelatase (FECH). Due to abnormally low levels of this enzyme, excessive amounts of protoporphyrin accumulate in the bone marrow, blood plasma, and red blood cells. The major symptom of this disorder is hypersensitivity of the skin to sunlight and some types of artificial light, such as fluorescent lights (photosensitivit  Read More

  • Keratitis ichthyosis deafness syndrome

    KID syndrome is present at birth. Nearly all cases have skin involvement, which includes red, rough, thickened plaques that are sometimes scaling, as well as sensorineural deafness or severe hearing impairment. Most patients develop eye findings, predominantly keratitis (superficial defects of the cornea), which may result in the eyes being very sensitive to light (photophobia), small blood vessels growing from the iris over the cornea  Read More

  • Neonatal lupus syndrome

    The most common symptom associated with neonatal lupus is a rash that consists of reddish, ring-like skin lesions and resembles the rash associated with systemic lupus erythematosus. The rash is temporary (transient), usually developing during the first few weeks of life and clearing up at some point during the next several months. In rare cases, skin lesions may persist into childhood. The face and scalp are most commonly affected. The raccoo  Read More

  • Urod deficiency

    The symptoms of PCT can vary greatly from one individual to another. Skin abnormalities characterize this disorder. Affected individuals are abnormally susceptible to damage of the skin from sunlight (photosensitivity). Extremely fragile skin that can peel or blister on minimal impact is common. Affected individuals may develop blistering skin lesions on areas of the skin that are frequently exposed to the sun such as the hands and face. These  Read More