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  • Blue rubber bleb nevus

    Blue rubber bleb nevus syndrome is also known as Bean syndrome. It is a rare syndrome of venous malformations that arise in the skin and gastrointestinal tract.Risk factors.Since the disease is a genetic disorder, there are no risk factors associated with this disease. However, consanguineous marriage is a leading cause of disease transmission.Some patients may have mutations in genetic levels, which can affect  Read More

  • Infantile myofibromatosis (im)

    Each patient's unique symptoms are targeted in the treatment of Infantile Myofibromatosis (IM).Surgery is the primary treatment for people with infantile myofibromatosis, and it is carried either to lessen the risk of complications or increase prognosis.The coordinated efforts of a group of professionals may be necessary throughout treatment.To arrange a child's treatment, pediatricians, o  Read More

  • Skin tag

    Skin tags are a skin growth in which a short soft skin hangs out of the body. These skin tags are painless and harmless and may grow on various sections of the body such as the eyelids, neck, chest, back, and stomach. The outer layer of skin tags might be irregular or smooth in appearance. They are frequently raised from the outer layer of the skin. They are typically skin shaded or brownish in color.Skin tags are  Read More