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  • Erythema nodosum

    The main symptom is red, painful bumps on the lower part of your legs. Sometimes these bumps can also appear on your thighs, arms, torso, and face. The lumps can be one-half inch up to 4 inches. You may have anywhere from two to 50 of them. Erythema nodosum bumps are painful and they may feel hot. They start out red, and then turn purple, looking like bruises as they heal. They also flatten out while healing. The bumps  Read More

  • Human cowpox infection

    Human cowpox infection is a relatively uncommon zoonotic skin infection that is mostly found in European nations. Cowpox virus (CPXV) is a member of the Poxvirus family's Orthopoxvirus genus. Contrary to popular belief, most cowpox infections are spread to human beings by domesticated cats and rats. Rodents are cowpox's natural reservoir. Cows, cats, zoo animals, and humans are CPXV's unintentional hosts.Signs and  Read More