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  • Impetigo

    Impetigo is a commonly transmitted skin infection. Bacteria such as Staphylococcus aureus and Streptococcus pyogenes infect the epidermis, or outer layers of the skin. The face, arms, and legs are the most commonly affected areas.Impetigo can affect anyone, although it is more frequent in children, particularly those aged 2 to 5.Minor cuts, bug bites, or a rash like eczema — any spot where the skin is damaged  Read More

  • Lichen planus sclerosus atrophicus

    A rare skin disorder called Lichen Planus Sclerosus Atrophicus typically affects the anal or vaginal regions of the body. However, your torso, breasts, and upper arms may also be impacted.After menopause, the illness primarily affects adult women. But it also spread to others.Cause of Lichen Planus SclerosusThe cause of Lichen Planus Sclerosus in certain persons is unknown to doctors. They specula  Read More

  • Lichen psoriasis

    A rare, chronic skin ailment called Lichen Psoriasis causes small patches of skin to thin down and turn colourless. Any region of the body can be affected, although the skin around the genitals is most frequently affected. Men and children can occasionally develop Lichen Psoriasis, although most occurrences afflict women who have undergone menopause.The proper medical care can manage Lichen Psoriasis. Here are the  Read More

  • Psoriasis

    Treatments for psoriasis try to get rid of scales and slow the rapid growth of skin cells. Options include oral or injectable drugs, light therapy, phototherapy, lotions, and ointments (topical therapy).The severity of psoriasis and how responsive it has been to prior therapies and self-care techniques will determine which treatments you utilize. Before you find a strategy that works, you might need to experiment w  Read More

  • Scalp psoriasis (psoriasis of the scalp)

    Scalp psoriasis (psoriasis of the scalp) is a disorder that leads to an itchy, raised, reddish, and scaly scalp. It may be present in the form of small watches or cover the entire forehead. Moreover, scalp psoriasis can spread from the scalp to the forehead or back of the neck. It can also result in hair loss. The doctor states that this condition is connected to the immune system. However, it is curable through solutions, lot  Read More

  • Sebaceous cyst

    Commonly found on the face, neck, upper back, and chest, sebaceous cysts are small lump or bump under the skin. If the condition starts to get worse, it is advisable to consult a doctor. Regular checkups are encouraged to keep it from spreading and causing infection.Risk factorsA sebaceous cyst could result in the following: -Unfavorable effects of treatment- There are no permanent effects o  Read More