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  • Harlequin fetus

    A defect caused with birth that affects the skin and results in scaly, dry skin over the body is called Harlequin Fetus or Ichthyosis. It happens due to genetic mutations and wrong combinations in an infant’s body from parents.Difficulties in Children and Adults:Although the disease occurs in infancy, it is necessary to prepare for growing a child with this defect. These are the problems that could occu  Read More

  • Systemic sclerosis

    The symptoms and severity of the disorder vary from one person to another based on the systems and organs involved. Skin It is very common to experience hardening and tightening of patches of your skin with SS. The patches may be oval-shaped or a straight line that can cover large areas of your skin. Your skin may also appear shiny since it’s so tight with your movement restricted. F  Read More