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The following Conditions are related to Tightness

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  • Dry skin

    Dry skin is often temporary — you get it only in winter, for example — but it may be a lifelong condition. Signs and symptoms of dry skin depend on your age, your health, where you live, time spent outdoors and the cause of the problem. Dry skin is likely to cause one or more of the following: A feeling of skin tightness, especially after showering, bathing or swimming Skin that feels and looks rough  Read More

  • Warts (common warts)

    Warts (common warts) is a viral disease that causes benign skin growths on different parts of the body.TreatmentCommon warts do not require treatment as they are resolved on their own after a few weeks or months.There are two main treatments:Salicylic acid: Salicylic acid gradually dissolves the hard scales upon applying it several times a day for over a few weeks. Most salicylic acid soluti  Read More