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The following Conditions are related to Wheezing

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  • Formaldehyde poisoning

    Irritation felt due to breathing or exposure to a chemical called formaldehyde results in Formaldehyde Poisoning.Burning sensation and redness in the eye, stomach, food pipe, skin, and other body parts are the impacts of Formaldehyde Poisoning.Incidence:It can happen to both genders with no age bar set. Anyone with ample exposure to this chemical can get affected. People working at chemical plants  Read More

  • Latex allergy

    Latex allergy is an allergic reaction to specific proteins found in natural rubber latex, which is derived from the rubber tree. When People have a latex allergy, their body misidentifies latex as a potentially hazardous substance.Latex allergy can cause itchy skin, hives, and even anaphylaxis, a potentially fatal illness characterised by throat swelling and significant trouble breathing.The specialist can  Read More

  • Urticaria, perstans hemorrhagica

    Perstans hemorrhagica urticaria or Urticaria pigmentosa is a rash that most commonly affects children and young adults.It consists of reddish-brown lesions that, when rubbed, might cause hives or blisters.Darier's sign refers to this reaction.Mastocytosis is a kind of urticaria pigmentosa.Mast cells, which are part of your immune system, accumulate during this time. Mastocytosis can a  Read More