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  • Bullous pemphigoid

    Bullous pemphigoid is a rare skin condition that causes large, fluid-filled blisters. They develop on areas of skin that often flex - such as the lower abdomen, upper thighs or armpits. Bullous pemphigoid is most common in older adults.TreatmentFor moderate-to-severe cases of bullous pemphigoid, your healthcare provider may prescribe an oral corticosteroid, like prednisone in addition to a steroid-spari  Read More

  • Short stature and facial telangiectasis

    Short stature and facial telangiectasis is a condition where the height of the human body is shorter than the average height of the same age.Genetics is the major factor in determining the height; however, many underlying conditions might be the cause. There are several genetic conditions, Bone & Skeletal diseases, Chronic diseases and endocrine diseases that impact healthy development and result in abnormal st  Read More