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  • Formaldehyde poisoning

    Irritation felt due to breathing or exposure to a chemical called formaldehyde results in Formaldehyde Poisoning.Burning sensation and redness in the eye, stomach, food pipe, skin, and other body parts are the impacts of Formaldehyde Poisoning.Incidence:It can happen to both genders with no age bar set. Anyone with ample exposure to this chemical can get affected. People working at chemical plants  Read More

  • Sweet syndrome

    An uncommon skin condition, that causes fever and painful rashes due to boosted production of blood cells is known as Sweet Syndrome.It can be caused due to risks during pregnancy, the reaction of some medicines, and other common factors like age, sex, cancer, and health issues.Diagnosis:The Sweet Syndrome detects via two methods:Blood Test: Presence of WBCs and blood disordersSkin  Read More